Huge pacific manta ray (Manta birostris) blocking sunLone manta ray (Manta birostris) at duskJuvenile Clarion angelfish (Holacanthus clarionensis) peering out from  creviceHead shot of a giant hawkfish (Cirrhitus rivulatus)Manta ray (Manta birostris) cruising in the blue waterSchool of bigeye trevally (C. sexfasciatus) moving out from sea cliffs under stormy seasMexican hogfish (Bodianus diplotaenia) up-closeWhitetip reef shark (Triaenodon obesus) circling out of caveTwo giant trevally (Caranx ignobilis) along sea cliffs under stormy seasCrosshatch triggerfish (Xanthichthys mento) trioMotion blur of brown pelican (Pelecanus occidentalis) flying over water